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Stakeholders Fundraising Engagement Survey


Several stakeholder groups appeared before City of Peterborough's Council over the past couple of years to express support for the twin pad Arena and Aquatics Complex project and some extended financial commitments to Council in support of the project budget.

Support from stakeholder groups has been a key driver influencing Council to find City funding and move this project forward. Staff have been tasked to follow-up on potential commitments from stakeholder groups, and to work with stakeholders to identify specific contributions that will support unfunded elements of the project.

Fundraising activities from stakeholders are intended to support unbudgeted costs, and upgrades to the facility that are not funded by the capital budget.

Some of these costs may include:

  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment required for operating the facility
  • Upgraded score clocks with more, or enhanced, features
  • Additional equipment or amenities in team warm-up area
  • Upgraded finishings in facility

It is estimated that a $250,000 fundraising target will be necessary to support unbudgeted project priorities and enhancements. Any fundraising revenues generated above this target would also be allocated into support facility amenities and upgrades.

Contact Information

Please provide a name(s) and contact information of person or persons that will represent the organization and liaise with the City and other stakeholder groups to support fundraising efforts.

Ideally, the person or persons chosen to work on this project will be able to make a two-year commitment to the life of this project.

Fundraising Workshop

Tentatively, the date of Wednesday, November 23, 2022 has been identified for a fundraising workshop with stakeholders. This would start at 6 p.m. and go to 9 p.m., three hours maximum.