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Property Standard Complaints

Property Standards help promote, ensure and enforce a set of general repair and safety standards within our community. These standards are the minimum physical conditions which private properties and structures must meet for the maintenance of all buildings, dwellings and open spaces within the City of Peterborough. The Property Standards By-law also helps ensure minimum living conditions for tenants, as well as the appearance of a neighbourhood. Maintaining property standards enhances the quality of the surrounding area, and protects the health, safety and well-being of people. Landlords are required to meet property standards for their tenants. If, for example, a landlord does not deal with a deficiency after the tenant has brought it to their attention, our Building Division can play a role in bringing the property into compliance.

Before filing a complaint with the City, please ensure that you have done all you can do to resolve the problem. This would include notifying the landlord/owner or property manager (if there is one), and/or contacting the property owner if this involves a neighbour about the nature of the problem.  You cannot expect someone to address an issue if they do not know about it.  

For more information please call 705-742-7777 ext. 1651#.


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