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Children's Services Child Care Fee Subsidy Application

Child Care Fee Subsidy is a program that provides full or partial coverage of child care fees for low income families and children with special or social needs.

Required Information:

1. Your most recent NOA or CCB for both applicants (if applicable). 

This document is required in order to apply for Child Care Assistance. If you do not have your NOA or CCB please contact Canada Revenue Agency

2. You will need to have a secured space in child care prior to setting an appointment for Child Care Fee Subsidy. Apply to child care centres using the new waitlist registry application.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to submit additional documentation. 

Applicant(s) Information


In order to apply for Child Care Assistance you must have secured a space in a licensed Child Care Centre or licensed home child care agency.

View the Child Care Directory for a list of the approved agencies for Child Care Assistance.


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