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Marriage Ceremony Policy 

  1. Ceremonies will be conducted in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 500 George Street North.
  2. Fee: $325.00 payable at the time of booking. Dates are only reserved once the fee has been paid in full.
  3. An administration fee of $125 will be charged if the ceremony is cancelled 21 days prior to the scheduled date. No refund will be issued if the ceremony is cancelled less than21 days from the date of the ceremony, or the applicant(s) do not show up for the wedding ceremony. 
  4. Applicants must obtain an Ontario marriage license (from any municipality in the province), and it must be provided to the wedding officiant in advance of the ceremony.
  5. A pre-ceremony meeting will take place electronically with applicant(s) and the officiant. At the time of this meeting the names and addresses of the two witnesses to the marriage must be provided.
  6. The Council Chambers are booked for a ½ hour. All wedding attendees must meet at the entrance doors facing George Street between City Hall and the Carnegie Building (red brick building) 5 minutes prior to the ceremony. The officiant will escort attendees to the Council Chambers and following the ceremony all guests will be escorted back to the doors. Late arrivals will not be permitted to entry.
  7. All guests are required to wear masks/face coverings. The wedding couple must wear masks/face coverings while walking in the hallways. All guests are permitted only in the adjacent washrooms and the Council Chambers.
  8. Alcohol or stimulants are not to be used by the celebrants or their witnesses prior to or during the ceremony. If the Officiate believes that alcohol or other stimulants have been used, the ceremony may not proceed.
  9. In order to maintain the dignity of the ceremony clothing shall be appropriate to the occasion.
  10. The wedding officiant may request an interpreter at the ceremony (at the expense of the wedding couple), if there is a concern with language interpretation.
  11. Weddings held at City Hall are civil ceremonies and no religious readings, vows or    materials are permitted during the ceremony or displayed in the room.
  12. Due to room size and physical distancing requirements a maximum of 15 people (12 guests, wedding couple and officiant), can be accommodated in the Council Chambers.
  13. The taking of photographs, videotaping, and/or livestreaming of the ceremony are permitted and are the responsibility of the wedding couple. Photos are only permitted inside the Council Chambers.
  14. If music is desired, it must be arranged by the wedding couple. Please keep in mind that this is an office building and music must not interfere with other city activities.
  15. The celebrants for the civil marriage ceremony consent to defend and indemnify the City of Peterborough for any loss or damages incurred by their invitees. The celebrants agree that the City of Peterborough will not be held responsible for personal injury or damage, nor for the theft or loss of any personal property of anyone attending City Hall on the invitation of the celebrants.
  16. The celebrants shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the Council Chambers and shall see that all regulations pertaining to the event are strictly followed.
  17. All exits must be kept free from obstruction in case of fire.
  18. The only animals permitted in the ceremony room are service animals.
  19. We understand that due to COVID-19, necessary changes may be required to be made to the Council Chambers.