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Accessible Features Scavenger Hunt

The City of Peterborough is committed to continuously improving accessibility at public facilities and in public spaces. With new projects and renovations, we incorporate features that help ensure access for all citizens.

As part of National AccessAbility Week 2021, we're encouraging people to notice accessible features in public spaces throughout the city. Can you find these features in your neighbourhood or places that you visit in Peterborough?

Accessible pedestrian signals

A close up of an accessible pedestrian crosswalk signal

Curb ramp

curb ramps lead from the trail and sidewalk through the street intersection at a pedestrian crosswalk

Tactile attention indicators

a City worker is hammering down newly installed tactile surface indicators at a crosswalk

Accessible playgrounds

playground feature that provides a cozy space for someone who is feeling overstimulated       a paved pathway leads to a ramp providing access to the playground

Accessible picnic tables

accessible picnic tables under the Hunter Street bridge

Accessible parking space

an accessible parking spot is featured in a parking lot at a city park

Inclusive park washrooms and changerooms

an inclusive park washroom at Beavermead Park, renovated in 2020

Mobility aid charging station

shade shelter with a charging station located along a city trail

Accessible Van Service

Peterborough Transit offers door-to-door, shared ride accessible transit service. It is intended for people with disabilities who are unable to use the conventional transit service for all or part of a trip. 

Did you know that all of our longer, conventional buses are equipped with low floors to make it easy to enter and exit, a ramp that can be deployed on request, priority seating for people with disabilities, as well as audio and visual announcements for each stop? All vehicle operators are trained on how to assist people with disabilities. 

an accessible transit van stopped at the side of the road. the driver is smiling

Thank you for completing our Accessibility Scavenger Hunt. If there is a public space in the City or a feature of a City facility that you think should be considered for an accessibility upgrade, please let us know below. Accessibility staff will review comments and follow up with the appropriate department where possible. 

Accessibility is included as part of the planning process for programs, services and facilities that are initiated every year. Our accessibility status report serves as an update on the progress towards meeting the planned initiatives listed in the City’s 2018 to 2022 Accessibility Plan.