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Telecommunication Structures Application

Notice of Collection

(Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy)

Personal information on this form will be used to process this application. Questions about this collection may be directed to Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator at 500 George Street North, Peterborough, Ontario K9H 3R9 or at 705-742-7777, ext. 1820.

Submission of this application constitutes consent for authorized municipal staff to enter upon the subject property that may be necessary for the evaluation of this application.


  • If the applicant is not the owner of the land, written authorization from ALL registered owners must be included with this form.


The application fee is payable at the time of submission of the application. Please visit the City's Planning, Development and Urban Design Division fees page to view the current fee. Additional fees as prescribed in Section 4.8 of the City’s Telecommunication Structures Procedure are payable throughout the process as invoiced by the City, including all costs associated with any public consultation process.

Cheques with the applicable fees can be mailed to or dropped off at City Hall at 500 George Street North, Peterborough ON K9J 3R9 to the attention of Planning Division.

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