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City of Peterborough Social Procurement Vendor Registry


Through Social Procurement, the City of Peterborough seeks to leverage existing procurement activities to achieve positive Social Value Objectives that align with City strategic goals and plans.

The goals include working with local businesses, social enterprises and diverse-owned businesses. By collecting data from vendors who identify as these business types, the City can provide staff with the information needed to find and purchase from these businesses when appropriate.

Do you give permission for information about your business to be shared publicly (e.g. if the City creates a public list of suppliers)?
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Local business

A local business is headquartered and majority-owned by individuals who reside in the City of Peterborough, Curve Lake First Nation, Hiawatha First Nation or the County of Peterborough. Local ownership includes an independent, privately owned business, a location of a small, privately owned independent chain of businesses, a locally owned location of a franchise, or a non-profit owned social enterprise business.

Is your business a local business?

Diverse-owned business

A diverse-owned business is majority owned, operated, and controlled by a member of one of the following diverse groups: Indigenous persons; members of a visible minority group; immigrants and refugees; people with recognized disabilities; racialized communities; women; members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Is your business a diverse-owned business?

Social enterprise

A social enterprise is a business that sells goods or services, embeds a social, cultural or environmental purpose into the business, and reinvests the majority of profits into their social mission.

Is your business a social enterprise?

Certified sustainable business

A certified sustainable business is one where the business has taken steps to ensure that their operations are environmentally friendly. These businesses invest in various programs that focus on green initiatives.

Does your business or any of your products or services have sustainability certification(s)?