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Pre-authorized payment plan change form

This form is for the cancellation of a property tax pre-authorized payment plan or to make a change to the banking information of an existing property tax pre-authorized payment plan. 

Part A - Instructions

Step 1: Complete Parts B to E of the Change Form.

Step 2: Attach banking information if applicable.

  • An unsigned cheque marked “VOID” or
  • A document from your financial institution detailing your bank account information

Step 3: Submit Change Form by the 21st day of the effective month.

  • Please note: the submission deadline for the month of June is adjusted for Final Billing.
  • Please contact the Tax Office for the June submission deadline.

Part B - Property Information and Owner Contact

Part C - Requested Action

Please select an action

Part D - Notes 

Part E - Authorization

I, as the property owner or legal representative, authorize the City of Peterborough to make changes to my PAP Plan as outlined in this form.