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Rain Garden Subsidy

Eligibility Questionnaire


Please answer the following questions to determine if you are eligible for the City of Peterborough's Rain Garden Subsidy.


Are you a resident or owner of a commercial/industrial property in the city of Peterborough?
Are you the owner of the property you wish to install the rain garden or are you applying on the owners behalf?
Do you have a disconnected downspout that flows to a low lying area of your property to install a rain garden? (can be at any location on the property front back or side)
Which corner of your house is the downspout you would like to flow to your garden closest to?
Do you intend to install the Rain Garden in the front of back of your property?
Do you have at least 2 meters (roughly 6 feet) of space between your homes foundation and the proposed garden location?
Is your proposed rain garden location clear of all trees or underground services such as sprinkler systems, cable lines, etc?
Is the proposed location of your Rain Garden relatively flat?
Is the property in an urban area or subdivision?
Do you know which section(s) of your roof flow to the downspout the leads to the location of your proposed rain garden?