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children playing on splashpad

Youth Ball Hockey 


  1. Games shall consist of one twenty-five minute and one twenty minute  straight time halves.

  2. A face off at centre will start the game and will restart game after each goal. Sticks must be on the floor with the ball on the floor between them.  Game starts on the whistle.

  3. If a player interferes with a goaltender, while he is in his crease, and the ball enters the net the goal shall be disallowed.

  4. SLAP SHOTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. The stick blade shall not be raised above the knee on either the wind up or the follow through.

  5. Raising the stick above the normal height of the shoulders to play the ball (successful or not) will not be allowed. The first infraction will result in a warning with subsequent infractions resulting in penalty shots. 

  6. After penalty shots there will be a face off at centre, whether a goal is scored or not.

  7. Body checking is not allowed and will be penalized by a major penalty. Incidental contact will be tolerated provided no one is put at risk.

  8.  All major penalties will result in a penalty shot in addition to a one game suspension.

  9. Any player receiving three (3) penalties in a single game will be ejected from game.

  10. There will be no overtime (except playoffs).

  11. Overtime in playoff games will consist of a five (5) minute sudden death period of play. If the score remains tied, a shoot out will take place.

Thank you for keeping each other safe while you have fun playing the game!

If you have any questions please call the Recreation Division at 705-742-7777 ext. 1873.