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Outdoor Sport Field & Court Request Form

In partnership with the local Boards of Education, Fleming College, and Trent University, over 80 fields and courts are available to the community for play. This form is intended to support requests for rentals of outdoor sport facilities for occasional use, tournaments, new, and ongoing leagues.

To submit this form, complete all fields and press the "submit" button. Upon submission you will receive a copy of this request to your email.

Single booking requests are required at least 7 days prior to the event date. League requests are required February 1 each year.

Submitting this request form does not confirm your reservation.  Your request will be reviewed by the Facility Booking Team within three business days. If you have any questions please email

Contact Information

Please provide the contact details for the person who will be responsible for the rental agreement. Please enter the contact information as you would like it written on the contract.