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Tree Replacement - Notice of Fulfillment

Important Notices:

Pursuant to By-law 21-074 (A By-law to Regulate the Destruction of Trees on Private Property in the City of Peterborough), if the removal of a Healthy tree measuring 15 centimeters or greater is permitted, the City will require tree replacement.

Tree replanting conditions are outlined on the Permit. Condition fulfillment is required six months following permit issuance. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to relay all information related to the permit application to the Property Owner.

Replacement trees on Private property must be a minimum 2cm in diameter, of a species which will have a mature size & stature similar to the tree(s) that was removed. Replacement trees must be planted within the grounds of the property where the tree(s) was removed. The owner/ applicant must inform the City when the tree(s) has been replanted.

If the owner/ applicant chooses not to plant a replacement tree(s), he/she is required to pay the City of Peterborough cash-in-lieu cost of $550.00 for each tree not planted. The cash-in-lieu fee is based on the City's average contracted tree planting cost, associated with the year that the Permit was issued.

To notify the City when the tree replacement replanting condition associated with your tree permit has been fulfilled, and/or to make a cash-in-lieu payment, please complete the form on the next page.  In order to initiate the tree replacement review the online form must be completed entirely.

Once the City has verified that the replanting condition has been fulfilled, the private tree permit file will be closed.

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