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Application for Diaper Waste Collection Limit Exemption

This application is for City of Peterborough households generating diaper waste resulting in a need for increased curbside collection. Specifically, the applicant is seeking an exemption to provide up to two (2) clear bags (maximum of 13.6 kg / 30 lbs each) curbside on the week not scheduled for regular garbage pickup.

The applicant acknowledges that at least two children under the age of three (3) are in diapers, reside in the residence that currently receives curbside collection of garbage by the City of Peterborough.

The applicant acknowledges that if approved, the term will be for a maximum of 24 months from date of approval. All agreements will terminate immediately upon expiration of approved timeframes.

New applications are required to extend the term of exemption.

Please note: Home-based Day Care providers are not eligible for the Diaper Exemption Program unless the property is registered with the City of Peterborough as a business dwelling, and not a family dwelling.

Resident information

Please enter the date of birth for each child under three years old in diapers in your household. Select the Add button to enter information for multiple children.

Terms and conditions

  • I acknowledge that the property stated above has two or more children under the age of three in diapers and that this allowance is for diaper waste only and that no other waste will be placed in the clear bags
  • I acknowledge that my regular household garbage, per City regulations on lift limits, will only be collected every-other-week on my regular collection day
  • I acknowledge that this application must be renewed upon expiry if continued service is required.
  • If the exemption is no longer required I will notify the City of Peterborough (Waste Management Division).
  • I will notify the City of Peterborough (Waste Management Division) of any change of address within five business days of change.

I agree that any personal information provided here may be shared with your third-party contractor in order to provide me with this service. I understand that this information will not be shared with any other party and will only be used to contact me regarding this exemption.

Confirmation: Terms and conditions

To send this application to our Waste Management team for review, please select the Submit button below. You will receive email confirmation of your application, if you provided an email address.